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Sarah Ellis Salooja
Manager of Merchandising and Vendor Relations


Favorite Promotional Item: I love the Pen Again Original Ergonomic Pen, item # 28437. I think it honestly makes my handwriting better and is just so comfortable to use. I hoard them and can’t get enough. I would be content to only use this pen forever. My favorite is the black Pen again ErgoSof.

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: Products, products, and more products! If I am not making adjustment to current products we have for sale I am looking for the latest and greatest promotional products to add. Theme pages are also a big part of my day; making sure that each theme includes the best items available. I meet with our manufactures and maintain close relationships with them to keep on top of what is currently available. I also, on occasion, get to attend trade shows and other industry events to gain new insight into what is happening in the world of promotions.

Outside Activities: I thoroughly enjoy museums and art shows of any kind, and visit as often as I can. I also love going to concerts and seeing live music in general. I am also a pretty avid reader, love cooking, I like to watch certain television shows (M*A*S*H, Futurama, Good Eats), and am always up for a walk in the park or along the beach.

Motivators Team Member Since: May 2007

Phone: 800.525.9600 ext. 325


Ali Ghozati
Merchandising Coordinator


Favorite Promotional Item: Earth Saver Wheel, item # 25184 – This product presents a lot of useful information in a fun and easy-to-read way, I refer to mine often and it helps make me more eco-friendly.

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: Updating, checking, and analyzing pricing, plus other merchandising tasks and projects, each day in the office is an adventure that I enjoy.

Outside Activities: Cooking, tennis (both playing and watching), travel, photography, and reading (especially autobiographies)

Motivators Team Member Since: February 2011

Phone: 800.525.9600 ext. 315


Pia Villamayor
Merchandising Coordinator


Favorite Promotional Item: Laughing Pen, item # 30085, it makes a dull and stressful day lighter.

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: A normal day for me includes reviewing, reviewing and more reviewing of products about to go live. I also need to make sure that live products have updated information.

Outside Activities: I make sure that i get to spend weekends with my family either eating out or just having a slow day at the pool. Regular movie nights and dinners with friends also help me unwind. Everyday activities always include an hour or two of watching cartoons with my daughter.

Motivators Team Member Since: July 2011