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Bill O'Shea
eCommerce Manager


Favorite Promotional Item: High Sierra Noise Cancellation Headphones, item # 27219. They really shut out the noise and help me to concentrate in loud areas.

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: Making sure is running smoothly. Working on whatever projects pop up and constantly trying to improve upon our already excellent site.

Outside Activities: Sports fan (Giants and Mets), Reading, TV/Movies and video games.

Motivators Team Member Since: April 2006


Anthony Zuaro
Graphic Design and Video Production Supervisor


Favorite Promotional Item: I love our varieties of self-powered flashlights. Not only is it eco-friendly, but since doesn't require batteries it will never let you down when you need a flashlight. They even come in keychain form.

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: Depending on the demand and/or deadline I spend my day on a combination of any of the following tasks: creating banners, buttons, logos and any other icons or graphics for our site. I also spend time creating flyers, mailers, designing imprints for internal promotions, taking photographs of products, and producing / filming / editing videos for our site.

Outside Activities: Playing sports when possible (mostly the 3 major American sports... Sorry Hockey) and I like to write. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I love my television, but the programming I enjoy the most are those that stimulate your brain or actually teaches you something. Reality shows have no place on my DVR unless they are cooking competitions.

Motivators Team Member Since: September 2006


Michael Jolly
Tech Support and Project Management Supervisor


Favorite Promotional Item: I have alot of favorites but I think one of the best products is the Classic Fondue Set, item # 44558. Fondue is great and so is this promotional item. I might actually order one for myself in the near future.

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: At Motivators I am sort of a Network Administrator with a minor in Graphic Design. I do some coding for our web sites, make sure everyone's computers are running properly, check on our servers both at our office and our data center, and I assist with some graphics projects. I am in charge of designing, coding, and sending all of our email blasts that go out bi-weekly as well.

Outside Activities: Outside of work I am a volunteer firefighter. I also enjoy photography, playing the drums, snowboarding, raquetball, and playing XBOX (Call of Duty specifically).

Motivators Team Member Since: February 2007


Kristen Siegel
IT Department


Favorite Promotional Item: Easy... The Leeds 22 oz. Nook Active Sports Bottle, item # 21182. The ‘nook’ is great for holding money, my ID, and even your keys when you go running!

How I Spend My Day at Motivators: It is my job to prep the rush and time sensitive orders that are placed daily. I make sure the orders are properly taken to include all necessary details before an order goes to print. I also check that all factors are taken into consideration to make sure an order is delivered on time. As the supervisor of the dept I also make sure everyone else is doing their job - and doing it right!

Outside Activities: I enjoy going to dinner, cooking up new creations, hanging out with friends, beachin’ it up in the summertime, BBQ-ing on cool nights, and of course happy hour!

Motivators Team Member Since: June 2006